Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh Baby!

Valentine's Day looked a little different this year. Our Valentine wishes consisted of a few Andes mints spelling out sweet nothings. In exchange we had some of our dearest friends visit with their new baby, Norah. Actually, they were one of three couples we know to welcome a new one in December or January. We've been excited as pictures have arrived in our inbox of the new bundles and wanted to share the cuteness.

Just to note, Norah isn't ours! She's just the perfect kind of baby- the one you love on and enjoy then give back to mom and dad!

I should also add that after the busyness of the weekend we spent belated Valentine's time with a drive (in a jeep!!!!- thanks Jason and Jim) to overlook Lake Keowee for a sunset then to enjoy some Japanese cuisine!

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Kindel said...

Haha! It totally looks like Baby Norah belongs to you and Jason because of the pictures! If I didn't know any better... :)