Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We've unofficially decided to make 2009 the year of challenges in learning, conquering fears and doing new things. It started with two girls talking in the front of a church one Sunday eons ago and is still coming to fruition. Admiring a quality in one of the girls that day made me realize my complete lack of it. Slinking back to the apartment questioning my own abilities, I sensed God say, "Learn from her." So, hoping to learn as much as possible, we've been soaking up lessons from "her" and everyone. Some just skills, recipes, and talents. Others philosophies and ways of living.

The very first post from our finds is a lesson in love or at least a way to say it for Jason: Mom's prize-winning chicken and dumplings. Cooking hasn't been a strong point for me, so I'm "learning from her." Her in this case meaning my mom. So, chicken and dumplings.

First, addressing a fear of opening those ridiculous cans. Never liked jack-in-the-box either.
Chicken breast (on the bone w/out skin or boneless)
Can of Butter-Me-Not Biscuits

*We used three cans of dumplings and four chicken breasts. It made lots, but the good thing is they taste even better the next day! Really, you can do a one-to-one ratio with dumplings and breasts.

1. Fill pot about half full with water and boil chicken. Salt to taste.

2. Saving the water or broth, remove the chicken and let cool.

3. Cut each uncooked biscuit into eighths. Drop into boiling broth.

4. Watch for the "dumplings" to swell up then shrink back down. After they shrink and cook for a few minutes they are finished.

5. Cut chicken into cubes or desired size. Do not add to boiling water. It makes it stringy according to Mom.

6. Remove the pot from the burner and drop chicken in.

7. Enjoy!

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Martin LaBar said...

It looks like work, but it sounds good!