Saturday, December 27, 2008


Surprises this past week:

1. Driving to Alabama for a day, Tuesday, to surprise family. So good to have dinner with Uncle Vernon and Bekah!

2. Jason's face. Winter has ended. . .notice his perfect, clean skin! He surprised me one morning before Christmas by shaving!

3. A beautiful but dead bird in front of our building. Neither cause of death nor species known. Hawk, falcon?

4. An extra day at the cabin. For Christmas presents to and from our family we rented a cabin and got to come a day early for cheap! Saturday through Tuesday!
Tomorrow: shopping and the Dixie Stampede. Woo hoo!

*See December 5th post

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Alphabets, Blankets, Gilberts and Joy

After being challenged to make this a season of giving a few weeks ago, some interesting magazines arrived in the mail. Magazines with opportunities to give: Advancing Native Missions (ANM), Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) and World Vision. Looking through them we were able to find gifts that give encouragment and Hope. Click here to see some of the interesting opportunities we found through ANM like goats and rice and here for opportunites through VOM like action packs and blankets to persecuted Sudanese Christians.

To finish out our week Jason tackled a motorcycle project of re-wiring brake lights while I baked and organized an Alphabet party to wrap up a semester-long alphabet study!

Friday was early to bed for the long anticipated event that was happening Saturday at 10:56 am. Travis, Amanda and Baby Norah Gilbert were arriving back after two years of living and working overseas. Norah, only 20 days old, made the trip to see family for the first time!

It was a reunion that gave a beautiful picture to the word joy and started off our Christmas week reflecting on the joy of babies. Today, Sunday, with these realities of babies and joy lingering in our heads we are reminded of the baby who has brought us deep, lasting joy: God's free gift for all people, Jesus.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rest for the Weary

I heard the slogan countless times growing up, "There's no rest for the weary." But after wrapping up a busy, stressful semester, the weary needed rest so they made it happen! After the final week of school and a Residence Life Christmas party, we took our friend, Jason's boss Phil, to a remote cabin where we fished and relaxed. Thanks to the Grimes family, the weary began a season of rest!

Friday, December 5, 2008

All Winter

Call him mountain man or scruffy, but No Shave November for Jason is turning into a facial hair frenzy. Last night he brought up the question: Would you mind if I don't shave until the end of winter? I nervously inquired as to the end of winter. It's March according to Jason. Yikes!!

We'll keep you posted on the great debate. Threats have already been made that the mustache might magically disappear during the night!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Stu-Be Christmas

Last week we set the date: Monday, December 1 at 4:40 p.m. It was the time all Stu-Be resident assistants were supposed to be ready for a mission. Our mission? Find the perfect Christmas tree for our lobby.

After our five minute drive we stepped out into 30 degree weather with one saw, ten people and two cameras.
After a quick picture of the group, someone decided he found the tree of choice and wouldn't take no for an answer...well, really he just took the challenge to climb a tree.

The second tree we stood by had a crooked top and still didn't meet the height criteria so we walked on. Finally, as our fingers were going numb we spotted "the one."
After taking turns sawing we took it for shaking then wrapping and finally loading. Hot chili was a great break from the cold as we thawed out. Then a little sharing of hot chocolate (sharing in the eyes for sorry) and decorating. All this to make a very inviting lobby and excited students. Jason was right, there really is something about a live tree!!