Thursday, November 27, 2008

Our Top Ten

Rich Stearns wrote something in a recent World Vision magazine that gripped us and won't let go.
The mixture of conviction over the facts and thankfulness for our blessings is strong. Realizing we have been presented with the harsh realities around the world, we know we are called to action. So in the days and weeks to come we are prayerfully considering our part and exactly what sacrificial giving looks like. It's also a reminder of what we've been given, not to hoard, but to share.

In no particular order, we are so grateful for:

1. Each other

2. God-given jobs

3. Healthy, loving families: The Harrells & Tegens

4. Time in the States

5. Food!

6. A home with heat and electricity

7. Our health

8. Freedom

9. A relationship with the Creator through Christ

10. Rich friendships

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Martin LaBar said...

Jan 2, 2009: That's a great photo.