Friday, November 21, 2008

Man Love

Isn't it interesting how men bond? Take, for example, Jason and the male RAs. A chat over coffee doesn't suffice. Instead it has to be something wrestling.

Monday night Jason had just gone to the bedroom when an RA poked his head in the door looking for him. When I said he was just going to sleep...he asked if he and a fellow RA could launch a full-scale attack. While the troops rallied I warned Jason, "All I'm saying is be ready."

He was waiting behind the door, and I believe took two guys down. At least he bragged that was the case. Scratches and blood didn't deter them either. Imagine a girl getting into a brawl that brought blood. That would mean war! But not for these guys, they laughed and have been jokingly threatening another attack since.

Men, such strange creatures!!

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