Saturday, October 11, 2008

New AP!

We were excited to discover that Andrew Peterson, one of our favorite songwriters, is about to release a new album! The album Resurrection Letters, Vol. II is coming out at the end of the month.

If you've never heard any of his music or would like a sampling of the new album, click here or visit his website and order here. Hurry, if you order soon you can get two for $15!

Of the album, Andrew said: When we were in the middle of the record, we realized the songs seemed to find their unity in the idea that they touched on the effects of Christ’s resurrection on our own lives...songs about what happened in the wake of that day (when) life was touched by a freedom and grace that those in the Old Testament only dreamed of. See, the Resurrection—that moment when Jesus drew a breath in the dark of the tomb and his flesh and blood and bones reanimated—real flesh and bones, mind you—that moment changed the universe. It was the climax of the long crescendo that marked the change of the song from minor to major. Or from simple to complex. Or from darkness to a spray of refracted light.

Our lives are still difficult, of course. The world still needs fixing. But the Fall, the great brokenness of the world, began to work backwards after that moment on Easter Sunday. God gave us his Holy Spirit so that we could partake in the long work of pushing back the effects of the Fall. God said to Death, you may come this far and no further. And the flood waters began their recession.

Makes us wanna listen!

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