Saturday, October 25, 2008

L, M, N, O, P

We realize we've left out some details from the last few weeks and thought we'd bring you up-to-date on the latest with us!

L for Leo the Lion. A huge thanks to David and Katie for making "Pin the Tail on the Lion" a success!

M for Monday and the meeting we attended to encourage Clemson students to study abroad in the country where we lived for a year!

N for the new design we prepared for a conference we have been planning. We are responsible for five meetings of the conference and for housing people coming in for it. So here's the background design we came up with...and all was edited in Word!

O for the outrageous pictures we got of Jason and Eric (an RA) fire jumping at the RA bonfire.

P for party. How often do you get three celebrations for one birthday? That's just what Jason got today for his birthday. Pictures and more coming soon!

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