Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We've done a lot of eating lately. Tuesday night we had six freshman girls over for supper. The girls have started a prayer group and invited Kelley to join in so we took an opportunity to get to know them better over a meal. The menu: chicken broccoli alfredo pasta, Caesar salad, Italian bread and chocolate fondue for dessert!!

Wednesday night we traveled a few thousand miles away just by driving to Clemson. We, Sam Stack actually, recently discovered a family living in Clemson who are from the Asian country we lived in for a year! They had not met any students or individuals familiar with their country until they met us! As we drank tea and ate rice, we couldn't help but feel back across the ocean in our former home. And the highlight of the evening- singing happy birthday complete with blowing out the candles for the couple's daughter when it wasn't even her birthday! Sweet Havva!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Enjoyed your blog! Liked the
looks of your dining room. Looking
forward to seeing you two next week!! Love, mom