Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Day In the Life

Yesterday was a busy but typical day that went something like this:

7:15- Up and ready
7:30- Breakfast with Jason
7:45- On the road to the kiddos
8:00-10:30- Getting up and going
10:30-1:00- Martha Marie and kids come play / neighbor joins for a picnic (6 kids!)
1:00- Clean-up (Chocolate cupcakes for lunch!)
1:30- We all fall down (Nap time)
3:00- Music, Play, Fun
5:00- Home and Reading
5:30-7:00- Supper and Meeting with girls
7:00-7:30- Rest
7:30-8:15- Three mile walk
8:30-9:45- Jason's guitar lesson w/ Martha Marie
10:30-11:30- Meeting with girls
11:45-12:15- Trip to McD's with RA
12:30- Sleep

And that was only Monday...

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