Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday Sunrise

Sunday morning a few girls set out at 6 o'clock to see the sunrise. It's amazing that such a beautiful sight was free for the taking and that such beauty happens every morning and evening without me ever thinking about it. We stayed to sing, pray, and marvel as the sun visibly moved from mountain peaks into the clouds! When we got back, Jason had muffins and yogurt waiting! Amazing! (Both the man & the morning!)

Special thanks to Ms. Coleman for letting us use her ridge above Lake Jocassee.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Training in Truth

The day finally arrived! In early August I, Kelley, got excited about a curriculum on truth from Focus on the Family. I brainstormed how to incorporate it into our Bible study or how I could lead a small group, but Jason didn't share my passion. "Just wait and we'll do something like that later" he would say. Then one Thursday he told me he sensed God clearly say I was to lead a group. God had given me the passion and my husband had affirmed His leading. I registered that day. Saturday the training finally happened and left me more excited than I ever was before. Twelve people are the maximum and right now we have eleven signed on. This Thursday afternoon will be the first meeting! Catch the passion for Truth! Only about 9% of Christians have truly Biblical worldviews...are you in that nine? Click on The Truth Project to watch trailers, find a small group near you or register for the next training! Any questions? Email or leave a comment, we'd love to answer!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We've done a lot of eating lately. Tuesday night we had six freshman girls over for supper. The girls have started a prayer group and invited Kelley to join in so we took an opportunity to get to know them better over a meal. The menu: chicken broccoli alfredo pasta, Caesar salad, Italian bread and chocolate fondue for dessert!!

Wednesday night we traveled a few thousand miles away just by driving to Clemson. We, Sam Stack actually, recently discovered a family living in Clemson who are from the Asian country we lived in for a year! They had not met any students or individuals familiar with their country until they met us! As we drank tea and ate rice, we couldn't help but feel back across the ocean in our former home. And the highlight of the evening- singing happy birthday complete with blowing out the candles for the couple's daughter when it wasn't even her birthday! Sweet Havva!

A Day In the Life

Yesterday was a busy but typical day that went something like this:

7:15- Up and ready
7:30- Breakfast with Jason
7:45- On the road to the kiddos
8:00-10:30- Getting up and going
10:30-1:00- Martha Marie and kids come play / neighbor joins for a picnic (6 kids!)
1:00- Clean-up (Chocolate cupcakes for lunch!)
1:30- We all fall down (Nap time)
3:00- Music, Play, Fun
5:00- Home and Reading
5:30-7:00- Supper and Meeting with girls
7:00-7:30- Rest
7:30-8:15- Three mile walk
8:30-9:45- Jason's guitar lesson w/ Martha Marie
10:30-11:30- Meeting with girls
11:45-12:15- Trip to McD's with RA
12:30- Sleep

And that was only Monday...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Far, Far Away

This weekend we escaped from campus to the mountains with our RAs. We hiked up to see some incredible views and got some great shots. The only rules were no textbooks and no cell phones on the mountain. How simple and sweet!

After the hike we were starving and finally satisfied our hunger with BBQ, fries, coleslaw and hand-dipped ice cream!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Our Fleet

Our family of vehicles grew immensely the last few weeks, and now we've set a record: three motorcycles for sale at once. It's just hard to pass up good deals so the philosophy lately has been to seize every opportunity. And it's just what Jason's done, seizing three opportunities which have him in negotiations constantly. Interested in a bike? Leave a comment now, they're going fast!

Mama Mia!

It was only ten days. That's such a short time but such a long time when it comes to food. Just recently we took the challenge to detox our bodies and address unhealthy attachments to food. So after ten days of no sugars, meats, or dairy, what did we crave? Yogurt for Kelley and Papa Johns Pizza for Jason!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

We're Back

Not that we went anywhere...just disappeared from the blogging world for a few weeks. Life has been busy with everything and nothing: mingling with students, meetings, work, nannying, an RA project, cleaning, dorm Bible study, sleeping, growing spiritually, and entertaining. It's hard to believe these things have completely filled the last three weeks and made them a blur.

For today, we are enjoying a Saturday, stepping back into the e-world, and catching up with organization and cleaning. Also, Jason is planning to enjoy a Clemson game (hope he enjoys it this time...)with his dad and brother.

Finally, we are wishing a happy birthday and huge year of firsts to Matt Tegen. We enjoyed celebrating with him yesterday on year twenty-seven!!