Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ready, Set, Go!!

It has been three weeks now. We were engulfed in preparing for resident assistants (RAs) to arrive. Meetings and training followed with a final push at the end to have the dorm ready for freshmen check-in. We welcomed eight RAs into our building and spent time at a mountain home training with the entire staff from all buildings. It's amazing how bonds can form among people in only a week.
The final push consisted of staying up until 2:30 p.m. to complete the last of hall decorations and waking at 8 o'clock to welcome 120 freshmen at 9:00. Things went smoothly and orientation began. We met in the new chapel for an opening event and spent the following couple of days watching people settle in and say good-bye to family.
To date we have a great class that is quieter than last year (so far) and make going to bed by midnight actually possible. So for now we are settling into routines and still learning names. We only have about 100 left to memorize! No problem, right?!


Kindel said...

Aww...I miss you guys!!! You've got a great bunch there! :)

Anonymous said...


really wish I was there to help contain the craziness that is "freshman"

I love you and miss you both!!!