Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reconnecting Up North

Lots of time over the last few days has been spent reminiscing about living in another country and what has happened with life since then. After living apart for a year, the visit has been a beneficial and refreshing time of catching up.

We are staying with Jed and Beth, their daughter Emma and new baby Sophia. They have a great house in the suburbs of Holland. Not long after we were here, we were already playing in the backyard jungle, swinging and loving every minute of baby drool we got from holding Sophia. But poor Jed! Just back from the doctor, we found out he has torn some major ligaments in his knee and will have surgery next week!

After some supper and talking into the night, we slept and met up with our forever friend Elnur. He has blessed our lives so much with his friendship. We found out he had not yet been to Lake Michigan so we drove down after our day together and waded in the chilly water as the sun set.

And those were our terrific first two days of reconnecting in Michigan...

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Beautiful pictures! Looks
like you are making some wonderful
memories! Wish I could be there
with you. Love, mom harrell