Monday, July 14, 2008

2 Brothers - 4 Days - 2,027 Miles

Jason's brother Travis has a girlfriend. Her name is Ashley. She lives in Upstate New York. So with the lull of summer, Jason and Travis decided to go check out Lisbon, NY.

It didn't even take three hours before we took a slight "detour." I, Jason, had just filled the gas tank and switched to the passenger seat to let Travis have a go at driving for a while. As I put my seat back I almost said, "Don't drive a sixth of the way across the country in the wrong direct," (a line referring to Lloyd's mishap in Dumb and Dumber) but refrained. Thirty minutes later, however, I was awakened by a sharp U-turn. I thought to myself, "We can't be on the interstate and if we're not on the interstate, we must be lost." I'll just say we missed our turn by about eight miles which led to the end of the interstate we were on which led to five more miles of wandering around which led to 20 more back to the interstate. Magellans are wonderful!

After passing through six states and driving for a few hours in rural New York the reality of just how far we'd come hit. The road sign said: "Canada - 15 miles". We chuckled to ourselves and thought, "Geez, CANADA is closer than her house!" After 16 hours of driving we arrived with blood-shot eyes. We were met with cool temps in the 50's! Both days there the lows were cool enough for a jacket and the highest didn't even reach 75! They don't even have A/C in their house because it rarely gets warm enough to need it!

Ashley's backyard runs directly into the St. Lawerence river, which is the divider between the U.S. and Canada. If you have a good arm, you could throw a rock from her back porch into the water! It was beautiful and green; such a contrast to the dry and hot conditions of the South.

Ashley's brother is my type of guy. He has a motorcycle, ATV, and snow mobile! So I ended up borrowing his dad's motorcycle and going for a ride with her brother, riding the ATV, playing a few video games and spending quite a bit of time with Ashley's brother and father. I wanted to give Ashley and Travis time together. There were several times it was just me and her father hanging out or me and her brother. It could have been weird, but they were cool and it wasn't awkward at all. Ok, maybe it was a little.

We went over to Canada one afternoon and had dinner. We actually had more trouble getting in to Canada than returning to the U.S.! At the border going over, the Canadian officer asked what we were doing and how long we planned on staying. Ashley's dad told him. Then he asked who we were. Her dad said, "These are two guys from South Carolina up for a visit" to which the officer asked, "Do you have signed papers from their parents allowing them to come with you to Canada?" I thought, "The last time my mom had to sign permission was for a field trip to the zoo in 5th grade!" Though we could have answered sarcastically, her dad simply said we were over 18. So we proceeded to have some Chinese for supper in Canada. I thought it was weird to eat Chinese there but supposedly they are known for good Chinese food.

One other highlight was a boat trip on the St. Lawerence. Ashley's dad has a little motorboat that we took out for a few hours. We saw a great sunset and some amazing homes on the river.

So after two full days, we made the 1,000 mile trip home on Saturday with no glitches. One final note: I believe I had the most unhealthy sequence of meals of my life on our drive home. I usually try to be somewhat healthy but completely obliterated any thought of that on Saturday.

The menu was as follows:

Breakfast: Cheeseburger and french fries

Lunch: Chick-fil-a sandwich and extra large french fries

Supper: Chick-fil-a sandwich and french fries

Now, two days later, I still feel disqusting from all that grease and will probably have quite a break before I have another order of fries!

- Jason

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