Sunday, June 29, 2008

Summer Days in June

Time with family, selling possessions, and taking in challenges: What a week!

We enjoyed having our (Kelley's) parents from Georgia with us for a few days. We are blessed to have such loving, supportive family. We're just trying to cherish every moment we get with them.

The price was finally right this week for selling Jason's beloved Honda Magna and our Ford Explorer. That leaves us with a massive 4-wheeler, anyone interested?!, and our Ford ZX2 HS graduation present (note that discussions haven't gone anywhere on this one), and one Subaru Forrester incoming. Our world of vehicles is never boring!

Mid-week we took a trip to Table Rock for the Senior High Youth camp. It was a refreshing time of challenge as we heard the clear, beautiful message of the Gospel presented: piercing and convicting! What a treasure we have found in Christ.

The weekend wrapped up with tubing down the Chatahoochee, the blessing of a donated table and chairs (thanks Broome family), celebrating 30 years of service for Pastor Fred, and visiting Newspring with a friend.

Great week!


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Anonymous said...

awwww....the magna has departed from Jason's hands?! Wow, must have been an incredible deal :o)

I hope you guys are doing great and I will indeed be calling VERY soon! Love you J & K!