Thursday, June 12, 2008

Answers and Silence

Sometimes we pray and wait wondering if our prayer "took". Maybe we pray again out of perseverance, desperation or impatience. Two situations we have prayed about recently have at times fallen under all of these categories. And for those prayers we have received answers and silence.

One prayer has been about jobs. While Jason is still Resident Director this summer, I have continued to work part-time in Admissions. It is a great blessing, but the desire to teach children runs through my veins and the papers in Admissions don't make good pupils. So my prayer for months has been to work with children. And the prayer took. Last Thursday I started watching two young boys and will continue through the coming semester. The way it all came together was a direct answer to prayer. Thank you God, Phil Pranger, and Dentons!

For the second prayer, we still wait in silence. Our desire is to travel back overseas. We have had one opportunity presented to us. After praying on and off for a year, the answers from above repeatedly come back, "That's not it." So this week we said no to the only opportunity we know about...and wait in silence. So at the Tegen home...we are silence right now...but listening...expectantly!

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Anonymous said...

All God's promises are YES and AMEN! =)