Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Part

As we enter our last week of classes for Southern Wesleyan's Spring semester, we are filled with mixed emotions. We are excited for events coming up this summer but will greatly miss our 120 residents/friends who live with us. We have learned a lot this year...and are excited to start fresh next semester knowing what we know now.

While we are preparing to say goodbyes, we are also thinking about two friends who have had or will have major surgeries...and we want to do our part in seeing them through this time. So as we pray, we invite you to join us to see these two incredible women receive complete restoration:

1. Angie Leet- Central Asia, teacher at Caspian Academy, recent surgery for a ruptured appendix. Pray for no infections and quick healing as she receives treatment in a foreign country.

2. Martha Marie Smith- Liberty, SC, wife of Eddie Smith, brain surgery tomorrow (May 6th) for a brain aneursym and weakened artery wall. Pray for the surgeons to have wisdom and accuracy, for her husband and two children, and for a quick, complication-free recovery.

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Eddie Smith said...

Thank you for everything!