Monday, May 19, 2008

An Evaluation of Vows

Weekend to Remember - An Experience You'll Never Forget
We spent the weekend in downtown Greenville, SC for a Family Life marriage conference. Although our marriage of three years continues to get sweeter with time, we wanted to take an opportunity to be proactive and invest in ways to make life together better. This weekend was a wise investment.

We attended 11 sessions with titles promising to give information about why marriages fail, what every marriage needs, and how marriages thrive. They gave the fire hydrant version!

Our deepest impressions were to receive our spouse as God's perfect gift for us, to receive our spouse NOT based on our spouse's performance, and to always focus on God's mission for marriage: to mirror His image, experience companionship and multiply a godly legacy.

The highlight of the weekend was a renewing of vows. This came after fully evaluating what it really means to be devoted and make the promises professed at the altar. God's plan for oneness in marriage is truly astounding. It takes work and submission on our part.

Notable Quotes: "Nagging is like being nibbled to death by
a duck!" Dick Hastings
"It's not, 'Can I trust God?'. It's 'Can
God trust me?'."- Chuck Simmons

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kindoann said...

This is so sweet! I'm glad you two got to experience this! I love you guys!